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AI, Web3 & War Crimes: The Emmy Nominated Rolling Stone Project

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AI, Web3 & War Crimes: The Emmy Nominated Rolling Stone Project

In a February article title “Exposing the Truth: How Numbers Protocol is Revolutionizing War Crime Investigation with Startling Lab and Rolling Stone”, we introduced how Numbers Protoco’ls on-chain provenance paves the way for injustices to be archived in a transparent and verifiable way. Today we proudly announce that this work with Starling Lab and Rolling Stone is being validated with an Emmy Award Nomination!  

The Auckland digital design studio, Gladeye, played a key role in creating "The DJ and The War Crimes" digital project. This gripping story, penned by Sophia Jones, Nidžara Ahmetašević, and Milivoje Pantović for Rolling Stone magazine, has earned high praise for its compelling narrative, cutting-edge digital design, and innovative framework that safeguards and verifies digital media files. This framework was developed by Starling Lab and Stanford University with Numbers Protocol's provenance infrastructure, including the first blockchain dedicated for digital media content. 

Digital content, the crime evidence, is collected by Rolling Stone and subsequently uploaded to the Starling framework. Within this framework, the content and its associated metadata are compressed into a zipped file and encrypted, enhancing security. The provenance of this zipped file is then submitted to multiple blockchain networks through the Numbers API and generates on-chain provenance. Onchain provenance plays a crucial role to ensures that the integrity of the digital content is maintained and verified, reinforcing trust and transparency in the data handling process.

Although the Numbers API supports various blockchain platforms include Ethereum, Avalanche, and the other ledgers, the Numbers Mainnet still plays an essential role by providing a predictable and cost-effective choice for creating immutable records. In this project, decentralized storage is handles separately, however, Numbers API can also support web3 storage powered by IPFS/Filecoin to ensure the availability of the encrypted data.

The project has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Interactive Media category, which is a significant achievement. This nomination reinforces the success and impact of the collaboration. The recognition was announced before the 44th Annual News & Documentary Emmy® Awards, which will be held in New York on September 27th. It emphasizes the significance of authenticity and traceability in digital media.

Gladeye's CEO, Tarver Graham, reflected on the nomination, saying, “AI is revolutionizing how we work, but it’s also made trust in digital media an enormous challenge. This work not only tells a powerful story; it also highlights the importance of authenticity and traceability.”

The Emmy nomination is a fitting tribute to a project that has already garnered significant attention and praise this year, earning prominent journalism awards, including The American Society of Magazine Editors' “Best Digital Design” and The National Press Photographers Association’s First for “Innovation.”

Numbers Protocol's integral role in this endeavor, contributing to the cryptographic process and digital authentication, reflects its commitment to technological innovation with a social purpose. Utilizing AI and Blockchain technologies, the project highlights a new frontier in safeguarding and authenticating digital assets. The Emmy nomination not only celebrates the creative and technological achievements of the project but also solidifies Numbers Protocol's position as a trailblazer in leveraging Web3, AI, and Blockchain technology for real-world impact.

The nomination serves as a beacon for others, demonstrating that groundbreaking collaboration and technological ingenuity, including the use of AI and Blockchain, can indeed change the world. As Numbers Protocol continues to push the boundaries in these innovative domains, the Emmy nomination stands as a proud testament to what can be achieved when technology and storytelling unite for a noble cause.

Experience the Emmy-nominated interactive project here.

The entire team involved in this monumental project eagerly looks forward to the Emmy Awards ceremony, and regardless of the outcome, the nomination alone is a victory for innovation, authenticity, and a new era of responsible digital journalism. It's a milestone that will resonate for years to come, inspiring others to follow in the footsteps of Numbers Protocol, Rolling Stone, and Starling Lab in making a genuine difference in the world.

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