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We are an open and decentralized network designed to ensure provenance for all types of creative works created by humans & AI.
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unlicensed images are stolen everyday. Damages total 600b daily.

No Control.

You don’t decide what you see; the centralized platform decide it for you.

No Copyright.

Everyone can take your content and repost

No Trust.

Lack of traceability and verifiability makes it challenge to believe the content you see

Time for change

Numbers is the new decentralised asset network

Everything we see, hear, think and do is manipulated, edited, cropped and censored. We believe in change. Built from the ground up, by decentralised communities. With the freedom to debate, narrate and analyse. Where your future is user-owned and created by you, our community.

Unshackle yourself from the chains of big tech, unravel yourself from the echo chambers, twitter spats and censorship. We’re redefining what authentic means online by putting critical thinking first.

What we do

Numbers Protocol offers content verification to AI-driven companies and creativity tools. Through low-cost digital provenance infrastructure and decentralized storage, it increases trust in digital content and fosters innovative ways for content monetization.


In today's rapidly evolving digital & AI landscape, establishing trust and ownership for digital assets has never been more difficult. That’s why we created Capture, the all-in-one suite providing low friction solutions for your digital media ecosystem.

Start building your digital media provenance infrastructure today

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Numbers Search Engine

Google for digital media.

Boasting the highest multi-network asset coverage, reverse-image search, dedicated asset profiles and AI-powered similar image results. Provenance of digital media can be found– ideal for general queries and vetting.

Numbers Search Engine
Numbers API

Developer Tools.

Register and receive multiple assets using a simple API. Our friendly interface makes it easy for developers to create network applications.

API Docs
Numbers Blockchain

Create Content Proof

Numbers Blockchain is a digital media library and indexing system that allows anyone to create on-chain proof of digital media files. Our aim is to provide media consumers with the full picture.

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Stories with Numbers

Enterprise Support

Numbers Blockchain supports the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset with smart contracts supporting media history commits, asset monetization, License NFT minting, royalty distribution and asset collection creation.

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Use Cases

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