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Empowering Users: Numbers Protocol's 2023 Community Strategy for Building a Thriving Hub

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Empowering Users: Numbers Protocol's 2023 Community Strategy for Building a Thriving Hub

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I. Introduction

Building a strong and engaged community is essential for any company's success in today's digital landscape, and this is particularly true for Numbers Protocol. As a decentralized digital asset network that values community, authenticity, and trust in digital media, we understand the importance of fostering a thriving community. 

Our community has grown fast and kept strong even in the bear market during the one and half years. We have a solid ambassador program, eighteen local communities, and we host three DAO meetings and many fireside chats to discuss how to improve Numbers. Besides our moderators on Telegram 24-7, we also have the GitHub ticketing system to let our community share issues and feature requests for the products. All these amazing achievements can only happen with everyone in the community who believes in the same vision as Numbers.

However, as our ecosystem and product development continue to expand, we also face new challenges, such as communication channel confusion. More and more users from the user side have little experience with Web3. These challenges are common when a project is growing, but by addressing them head-on, we can strengthen our community and further align it with our goals for 2023. In this article, we will discuss our 2023 community strategy and the steps we are taking to overcome these challenges and build an even stronger community.

II. Our 2023 Community Strategy

To better align with our 2023 goal of establishing Numbers Protocol as the go-to resource for users seeking provenance for their content, we have developed a new community strategy. Our objective is to build an engaged and active community for both existing and enhanced target audiences, providing them with tailored resources, support, and growth opportunities.

Our strategy consists of six key components:

1. Restructuring the Official Numbers Discord Channel to align with the interests of Numbers users.

2. Enhancing the role of Numbers Github, making it an open forum for deep and constructive discussions of Numbers projects and products.

3. Rich documentation on Gitbook for the developer community.

4. Simplify the Telegram channels and position it as "entry point for the community" where moderators will navigate the community to Discord or Github to explore deeper conversations. 

5. Consistent and targeted messaging to guide community members toward appropriate channels for their specific needs.

6. Launching events, workshops, and partnerships to incentivize self-governance, foster engagement, and build relationships among community members.

We believe that by implementing these strategies, both existing and enhanced target audiences will find a supportive and thriving home within our community.

III. Implementation of the Community Strategy 

The implementation of our new community strategy has been a collaborative effort, involving multiple teams and stakeholders. We have allocated significant resources to ensure that the strategy is executed effectively, and we have already seen some positive results.

The first step is to simplify our Discord Channel to make it real intuitive and easy to navigate!

New Discord Channels you could expect:

Besides the Numbers Information section, which included “Welcome”, “Introduction”, “Announcement”, and Twitter feed” channels to give you the first-handed update on Numbers, we’ve also prepared some rooms only for our community, such as 

  1. General Channel: Welcome to the General Channel, where you can talk about anything and everything under the sun! Chat with other members, share memes, and discuss the latest trends. Don't know where to post? No problem! Our awesome mods will guide you to the right place.

  2. Product Support Channel: Hey there, having trouble with Numbers Protocol? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Post your issues here and our friendly support team will assist you in resolving your problem. Remember to follow our "Issue a ticket process" to make sure we can help you more efficiently!
  1. Creator Hub Channel: Calling all creators, this is your place to shine! Share your works, get feedback, and connect with other creators. Whether you're a visual artist, musician, or content creator, we've got you covered. Join campaigns and gain exposure, let's make the creative world a better place together!

  2. Numbers Stage: Join the party on the Numbers Stage channel, where you can talk with other developers and blockchain enthusiasts in real-time. Here, you can discuss everything from the latest trends in the industry to the tech behind Numbers Protocol. Get involved in our Developer Forum, exchange ideas, and grow your knowledge with other tech-savvy members of our community.

Considering the fast-growing user base on Discord, it will also be the major communication channel between dev team and the Numbers community. To make these major changes, we’ll suspend the Discord server on May 9th and you’ll see the brand new Numbers Discord 48 hours later!

Updates to Telegram Channels:

There are no major changes to the main channel and the announcement channel, and we will loosen the restrictions on pricing discussions in the main channel. New community principles will also be announced soon. The future Telegram should be fewer rules but clear principles for all of us to discuss with respect to each other openly.

Continue Efforts on Github and Gitbook:

In order to expand the adoption of Numbers Protocol, we need to embrace the tools that are most commonly used by Web2 developers, such as GitHub and Gitbook. We will keep updating the documentation to make it clear and useful for anyone who wants to use Numbers. 

V. Conclusion

At Numbers Protocol, we believe that building a diverse community is crucial for achieving our vision of becoming the go-to resource for creators and content platforms. We especially hope to invite our long-term supporters to participate in this exciting moment. Because of your continued dedication and commitment to our project, Numbers can keep growing. We are thrilled to meet new members of our community. The updated community strategy is designed to foster engagement, provide resources and support for growth, and create a space for collaboration and self-governance. We encourage our readers to learn more about our community strategy and to join us in building a community that reflects our values of authenticity, trust, and innovation. See you in Discord, and stay tuned for the upcoming campaign! 

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