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A Deeper Dive into Numbers Blockchain: Testnet (Snow)

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A Deeper Dive into Numbers Blockchain: Testnet (Snow)

What is Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is the official digital content protocol of the Numbers Project. It supports the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset, from Web3.0 registration, decentralized storage, to NFT minting. Its primary and most important role is making digital content traceable and verifiable. This is achieved through an innovative process that takes digital content from initial creation to the final archive on the blockchain.

How does it work?

The vision of Numbers Protocol is to provide the full picture of digital content. Every media file registered with Numbers Protocol has a unique Numbers ID (Nid), which also acts as the IPFS CID. With Numbers ID anyone can access physical storage supported by IPFS and Filecoin, the most popular and reputable decentralized storage solution, as well as on-chain history supported by the Numbers Blockchain. 

Numbers Blockchain

Numbers Testnet (Snow) officially launched September 16, 2022 with Numbers Mainnet (Jade) projected to launch in 2022 Q4. The Numbers Blockchain is a key component of the Numbers Network facilitating core functions such as asset registration, royalty distribution and native NFT minting.

Numbers Contract Types

At launch Numbers Blockchain will support at lease the following contracts:

  • Commit Contract : recording asset history
  • Asset Contract : handling asset-specific actions (ie: NFT minting, royalty distributions, etc)
  • Collection Contract : building a collection of assets

More specific dev details regarding each of these contracts will release soon.

Commit Contract

The Commit Contract helps users to “commit” an asset's history onto Numbers Blockchain. The purpose of the Commit Contract is to allow anyone to chronicle their assets by creating on-chain records. Doing so will create immutable records that can, depending on the application can promote productive debate and analysis as well as create accountable narratives.

Commits should be thought of as asset snapshots recording events such as “asset updates”, “asset references”, “service actions” and much more. By design all commits are written on-chain and are searchable by the Numbers ID (Nid).

Those of you who are familiar with Git will be familiar with the term “commit”. Commit contract takes on the spirit of Git and adopts a similar design. 

  • When there is an update to an asset, such as creator information update or updating the content itself to create a child asset, there should be a new commit attached to the asset itself.
  • Every asset has a tree file in IPFS to describe the properties of the asset including creator, creation time, license, etc. The asset tree Nid is included in the on-chain message. See example of the asset tree.

For more details on Commit Design please reference the following resources:

  • DB Diagram - commit and asset tree tables with detailed explanation of each data field
  • Nit (Numbers Git) - open-source tool developed by Numbers Protocol that allows developers to interact with Commit Contract to generate on-chain records for their digital assets
  • Contract Design (release soon) - detailed document on Numbers Protocol contracts including Commit contract, Asset contract and Collection contract. 

Asset Contract

For asset-related actions such as fund distribution or NFT minting, we use Asset Contracts. Every asset created in the Numbers Protocol network is called a “Capture”. There are two types of NFTs that can be minted from Captures: Asset NFTs and License NFTs.

  • Asset NFT - “unique” NFT’s meaning they can only be minted once at the time when the asset contract is created. By default, the creator is the owner and has the power to define the price of the NFT. 
  • License NFT - can be issued more than once and the buyer is authorized to perform actions based on the license bound to the NFT. Most NFTs today are License NFTs.

For License NFTs, the Asset Contract will support two pricing options: Fixed Price and Linear Price.

  • Fixed Price - Determine a single price. All subsequent NFTs are minted with this price.
  • Linear Price - Pricing that grows linearly as the demand grows.

Collection Contract

Collection Contracts can be utilized by Asset & License NFT owners to create an asset collection. The price of the collection is the sum of the price of the NFTs in the collection. When a collection is sold, the funds are distributed equally to all assets under the collection and then to stakeholders based on the asset distribution. 


Numbers Protocol has grown tremendously since its inception in 2019, and we can not go this far without our community. We’re thrilled to invite our active Numbers community to participate in Testnet (Snow)!

To incentive more community members to try the Testnet (Snow) and move us one step closer to launching Mainnet (Jade) in the near future, we will release our Testnet (Snow) Public Campaign soon! It will break down the whole process of how Numbers Blockchian works into different phases, by doing so, we will be able to collect valuable data and feedback from our community and accelerate our Mainnet (Jade) launch. Stay tuned to the Testnet (Snow) Public Campaign!

The thing you can do in advance to get ready before Numbers Testnet (Snow) Public Campaign launch!
- [Add Numbers Blockchain to MetaMask Wallet]

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving images and videos in the Numbers network.

These include:

  • Capture App: The first blockchain camera in the world that users can easily register photos and use Web3.0 applications.
  • Numbers API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3.0 addresses and certificates.
  • Certificates: content authenticity certificates with on-chain provenance
  • CaptureClub: Native NFT marketplace which allows photo generators to sell and stake their creations.
  • Numbers Search Engine: The first Web3.0 NFT search engine that helps users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us. The goal of Numbers is to tokenize authentic photos (including images and videos) to create a decentralized photo network in Web3.0.

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