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A Poetic Voice Bridging Cultures on Capture Cam

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A Poetic Voice Bridging Cultures on Capture Cam

Art and poetry are convergences of our innermost expressions, brought to life through words and pixels.

Capture Cam is thrilled to introduce Santiago B. Villafania, an esteemed bilingual Filipino poet, as our latest featured creator. Santiago, born in Tuliao, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan, is a celebrated poet who writes evocatively in both English and his native language, Pangasinan.

About Santiago B. Villafania 

Santiago has authored several notable poetry collections. His work "Malagilion" was a finalist in the 2007 National Book Award for Best Book of Poetry and won the Gawad Komisyon for Pangasinan poetry in the same year. Additionally, he received recognition as one of the 11 Outstanding Pangasinenses and was awarded the 1st Asna Award for Arts and Culture (Literature) in 2010. He is a member of the Philippine PEN and a member of the Pangasinan Historical and Cultural Society, roles through which he amplifies the richness of his heritage.

Embracing the Digital Art World 

In addition to his literary prowess, Santiago has embarked on a journey into digital art and photography. Blending his artistic skills with generative art tools, he creates unique and compelling digital artwork. His passion for integrating photography with his artistic vision has led to a stunning body of work that challenges and inspires.

“In addition to my role as a published author, I have ventured into the captivating realms of digital art and photography. My passion lies in the intricate fusion of photography, my own artistic creations, and the innovative tools of generative art, resulting in a unique and compelling body of digital artwork.”

Santiago's artistic journey has recently expanded into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Using the innovative features of Capture Cam, he has minted several of his digital creations as NFTs, exploring new possibilities and reaching a wider audience in the digital art space. This bold move signifies his adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies, bringing his art into the forefront of the digital era.

Join Santiago on Capture!

Download Capture Cam today and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Santiago and our other Featured Creator. Be part of a community where creativity knows no bounds and every creation is a journey into new realms of expression.

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