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A Step-by-Step Guide: Navigating Capture App's Revolutionary Feature, "Capture Upload"

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A Step-by-Step Guide: Navigating Capture App's Revolutionary Feature, "Capture Upload"

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In a digital landscape saturated with AI-generated content, distinguishing between AI and human-made content can be a considerable challenge. To address this problem, Numbers Protocol has launched a new feature called Capture Upload. This innovative feature combines immutable blockchain records with different types of digital media, providing a secure way to track and protect your valuable media files.  This article will provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide for creators to navigate this groundbreaking tool.

Step 1: Getting Started with Capture Upload

Capture Upload may seem straightforward, as it involves uploading media files like you usually would. However, beneath the surface, this feature harnesses the power of blockchain technology to create an immutable record of your media. To begin, open your Capture App and click on the “Capture” button. Look for the “Upload” icon located at the bottom left corner, which is the “Capture Upload” button. From there, you can choose and upload the media files you want.

Step 2: Registering Existing Creations

Capture Upload allows established creators to register* their existing creations to the Numbers Network. This will enable you to broaden the reach and potential of your work. Before registering, you have the option to edit your work using the black-and-white filter or crop feature. Once uploaded, your media file will be registered on Numbers Network with an immutable blockchain record.

*To fully leverage the benefits of the upgraded system, users are required to pay a fixed registration fee of 0.025 NUM since February 22, 2023, along with a standard gas fee (approximately 0.0004 NUM). These fees can be easily paid using either NUM native tokens or Capture Credits. More details can be found here: <Photo Registration Upgrade>

Step 3: Understanding Capture Badge

Alongside the Capture Upload feature, we have launched Capture Badge, a tool designed to quickly identify the key properties of digital assets. Only media files created via Capture App will have the blue Capture Badge, signifying the provenance and trustworthiness of the media. If you capture your media directly with the Capture App, it will automatically receive the blue Capture Badge. Additional badges for verifying uploaded content will be added in the future.

Learn more about Capture Badge: <Introducing Capture Badge and Licensing: Improving NFT Authenticity and Digital Media Rights>

Step 4: Assetization and the Numbers Network

Capture Upload goes beyond standard cloud uploading tools. It uses blockchain technology to generate metadata, which is linked to the creator's wallet. This process, called "assetization", authenticates the origin of the digital content and presents opportunities for future monetization. To 'assetize' your content, you don't need to do anything extra; this process happens automatically when you upload your content using Capture Upload.

Step 5: Working with Nit

Supporting Capture Upload is Nit, a robust open-source digital asset management system that enhances trustworthiness and traceability of digital media. Nit operates like Git, creating nit commits every time an asset is updated or registered. To leverage Nit, simply continue using Capture Upload normally. Nit will handle the rest, recording critical information like creator details, timestamps*, location*, license, and AI-related data.

Learn more about Nit: <Open Source Nit>

In the midst of the growing challenges posed by generative AI and its impact on the authenticity of digital media, Capture Upload serves as a reliable source of trust and credibility. This guide is designed to assist creators in effectively utilizing this innovative feature. Numbers Protocol is committed to maintaining the integrity of digital media and fostering trust through our advanced technology. 

Are you not satisfied with the current Capture app and prefer using a desktop system for managing your digital assets? Don't worry, we have a solution for you! Our upcoming product, "Capture Dashboard," offers creators more control over their digital assets. Apply for our Creator Beta Testing Program to receive the latest updates and free registration!

We are excited to have you join us and work towards shaping the future of digital media!

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