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All about Capture : Capture Product Suite - Capture Cam

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All about Capture : Capture Product Suite - Capture Cam

Just like how vehicles require roads to run properly, the fight for authenticity needs proper infrastructure. In the realm of Digital Provenance, this requires a compact and reliable platform that is simple enough for everyone to use yet robust enough to ensure the genuineness of digital media. What first comes to mind when talking about Provenance Infrastructure? For us, it's Capture.

The Capture product suite consists of :
1. Capture Dashboard - A decentralized storage facility for managing all your authenticated digital media in one location.
2. Capture SDK - Seamlessly integrate blockchain capabilities into your applications, a developer’s best friend.
3. Capture Cam - A mobile application designed to authenticate, register, and convert your photos and videos into traceable digital assets with just one click.
4. Capture Eye - An easy-to-integrate authentication tool for your site.

Let’s go through Capture Cam in this session!

Capture Cam

Available on both Android and iOS, Capture Cam allows you to take photos, videos, and register them into the blockchain with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Our first stop is the settings menu, where Capture Cam's ability to collect crucial data such as timestamp, device information, and location is highlighted. This data is signed with the user's wallet key, ensuring the content’s integrity remains intact. Here, users can control the extent of information shared, balancing privacy with authenticity. The more information you choose to reveal, the more authentic the content will be.

Capturing Content

The core functionality of Capture Cam lies in its ability to capture content and register it to the blockchain. Simply tap on the Capture logo on the home screen to capture a photo or video. After snapping a picture, users have the option to perform minor edits like applying a grayscale filter or cropping the image. The content is then seamlessly registered on the blockchain, preserving its authenticity.

Verification and Management

Once uploaded, content can be verified through Numbers Protocol's AI-powered engine. By visiting and uploading the content, the AI compares it against existing images, highlighting your content as an 'exact match'. This verification process is akin to a digital fingerprint, ensuring your content's uniqueness and legitimacy.

Each piece of content on Capture has its profile, displaying comprehensive information similar to a LinkedIn profile or a company's front page. This profile includes creator details, creation time and location, and a direct link to the blockchain transaction, ensuring transparency and trust in the digital realm.

A unique feature of Capture is the Numbers ID - a unique identifier for content, adhering to the standards of EIP-7053. This identifier serves as a digital signature, further enhancing the content’s credibility.

Capture Eye

Capture also caters to website owners through its Capture Eye technology. This feature allows easy embedding of asset information on websites with simple HTML coding, enabling visitors to verify the provenance of content effortlessly.

Capture by Numbers Protocol offers an innovative and user-friendly approach to managing digital content's authenticity and provenance. Its blend of ease and security makes it an essential tool for content creators and website owners to apply provenance to their contents & sites. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, tools like Capture ensure that authenticity remains at the forefront of digital content management.

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