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CaptureClub Customized Marketplace

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CaptureClub Customized Marketplace
CaptureClub is a digital media platform that adheres to CAI standards and leverages the latest blockchain technology to preserve the authenticity of digital assets. By doing so, CaptureClub brings value back to digital assets previously lost by rampant infringement and empowers creators with a safe authentic media ecosystem where they can operate independent from third parties and monetize on their creations.

After being on hiatus for a few months, we bring you the 13th installment of our Capture blog series. In this blog post, we will be covering the latest improvements with CaptureClub and highlighting customized marketplaces.

Feature Highlight : Customized Marketplace

Creators will now be able to create their own marketplace pages to highlight their collection of digital creations. Previously, the default creator page looked like this:

Customized creator marketplace will look like this:

Let’s see how this is done!



First navigate to CaptureClub.

Click Login and fill in Capture account credentials.

Navigate to your account page by clicking on account username.

To customize your creator marketplace place click on "Customize" Tab

In the customization tab, creators can enter in a Store Description and upload Desktop (1920 x 246) & Mobile (550 x 246) sized banners.

Submit to save changes and done! Marketplace customization complete!

You will also notice that customization can also be done in the marketplace itself. If viewing your creator marketplace while logged in at the same time, an edit icon will appear on the center left. Clicking will open up a pop window with the same fields as the customization tab in the account page. Edit these fields to make real time changes to your creator marketplace.

Other Improvements

To improve the overall browsing experience of CaptureClub, much work has been done to improve the performance especially in the Marketplace and My Capture pages. Additionally, other quality of life improvements such as being able to tag Captures on-listing and filtering with tags were implemented.

Lastly a dedicated Creations We Love section on the main page serves to help highlight amazing works from our ever growing Capture creator ecosystem. To view all of these changes, navigate to CaptureClub and experience them for yourselves.

Stay up to date with CaptureClub!

That’s it for this installment of Capture Blog. We hope this post is informative and look forward to seeing more customized marketplaces on CaptureClub!
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