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Customize your avatar in the Numbers metaverse, or burn it for a concession when you acquire $NUM tokens!

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Customize your avatar in the Numbers metaverse, or burn it for a concession when you acquire $NUM tokens!

We are excited to introduce a series of NFTs that will serve as gateways to new stories and experiences in the Numbers Metaverse. The CAPTCH-A robots will be mediums that display authentic images captured by you. They will protect the integrity and authenticity of your creations in the digital world.

Each robi in the CAPTCH-A collection articulates unique expressions based on the Captures that they display, leading you to new discoveries in their behaviors every day. Aside from being dynamic avatars in the Numbers metaverse, the robis also provide proof of image ownership by activating one of three modes:

  • Blue eye mode: Normal and calm
  • Red eye mode: Copyright infringement or image theft is detected
  • Display mode: Showcase a Capture image or video on its face

You can personalize your CAPTCH-A robi by activating its display mode and exhibiting one of your images registered on the Numbers network.

By merging your robi with a unique Capture content ID, you inject character and customizability into your CAPTCH-A, making it truly one of a kind. To ensure full transparency and traceability, the content ID and creation time of the image or video displayed by your robi will be shown on its back.

Check CAPTCH-A concept page:

Phase 1: Acquire Your CAPTCH-A Robi

Each CAPTCH-A robi is represented by an NFT. There will be 888 in the full collection, and we will release 222 each day over four days. The public sale will take place on our SEED SHO on DAO Maker. Each CAPTCH-A NFT will have a mint price of 0.015 ETH plus gas fees.

We call upon all supporters of Numbers Protocol and everyone who is interested in Capture avatars to participate in our Gleam campaigns and spread the word about CAPTCH-A robis!

Start date and time: November 3, at 10:00 a.m. UTC
End date and time: November 7, 9:59 a.m. UTC
Join here:

The most dedicated participants will gain exclusive, first access to CAPTCH-A robis when they are available. The 888 winners will have 48 hours to claim their CAPTCH-A robis, which will be minted on Ethereum. Owners of CAPTCH-A robis can take advantage of a 30% refund in the Numbers SHO on DAO Maker.

We will release more information about minting your own CAPTCH-A soon. Stay tuned!

Following CAPTCH-A’s updates:

Phase 2: Hodl or Burn Before SEED SHO

Once you have your CAPTCH-A robi, you’ll need to make a choice: HODL your robi and use it in the Numbers metaverse, or BURN it in exchange for $NUM tokens at a 30% refund from the SHO price on DAO Maker. (Refund detail will be provided to the winners after the winner announcement.)

If you choose to burn your CAPTCH-A, it will be decommissioned forever, so choose wisely!

NOTE: In order to participate you will need to stake at least 2000 DAO for 15 days. You may also use the "Instant Upgrade" button if you are unable to satisfy the staking requirement. Please note, if you choose to use the Instant Upgrade, DAO Maker may charge additional fees typically around 100 USD but may vary. This fee goes directly to Dao Maker.

The metaverse awaits, are you in🤠?

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