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Establishing Copyright on Creation with Capture App

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Establishing Copyright on Creation with Capture App

With the amount of technical capabilities packed in our phones today, it is easier than ever for a common user to snap a photo, shoot a video and share it to the masses. This ease of creation presents misuse and copyright issues that to date remains in the too difficult to address and solve category.

It is a BIG problem though. A 600 Billion Dollar Daily problem. According to copytrack, 2.5 million unlicensed images are stolen everyday, amounting to 600B in damages daily.

Digital media infringement is so common in today’s online world that many of us have become numb to it. We do not think it is an issue until we experience infringement ourselves. With the growing amount of monetization opportunities available at our fingertips (TikTok, YouTube, NFTs), it is a problem that needs a solution.

Identifying the Problem

Let us address why this problem currently remains in unsolved purgatory. The problem is twofold:

First, it is a copyright issue. In order for creators to be protected from infringement, the digital assets themselves need to have rights established. This is typically done in the form of copyright which establishes ownership rights and lays out the grounds of use. This is usually done with the help of centralized platforms. This is usually not advantageous to creators because they often need to surrender their intellectual property in order to be protected under the umbrella of centralized platforms. Additionally, once the asset leaves the umbrella of centralized platforms it becomes unprotected.

This brings us to the second problem, traceability and verifiability. Even if copyright is established, there is nothing that prevents infringement and misuse from happening once it leaves centralized platforms. Once it is shared on the web the asset becomes fair game for anyone to use, rendering copyright ineffective.

Addressing Copyright and Traceability with Capture App?

Before Capture App, photos and videos were strictly about snapping raw images or videos, editing them with filters and providing a gateway to sharing on social media channels. Capture App extends its features past the creation stage and focuses on how to make digital assets secure and traceable.

Taking a photo with Capture App feels the same as taking a traditional photo, however, a lot is happening behind the scenes to secure the asset. When an image is captured, Capture App utilizes the device’s hardware to collect metadata, such as signatures and identifies, to establish creator and context.

The asset, along with its metadata is cryptographically signed and stored onto the blockchain. This makes it immutable and effectively seals the data.

Asset made traceable even as it is shared across the internet with embedded metadata

Capture App makes the assets verifiable by generating a certificate of authenticity. Taking verifiability a step further, the digital asset itself is injected with Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) metadata making it a multilayered information container that is both traceable and verifiable even as it is shared across the internet.

By utilizing Capture App, creators are able to Capture ownership themselves on creation. The ownership information is Sealed on the blockchain as an Integrity Record ensuring its immutability and traceability. Due to the vastness of the web, it is impossible to police an asset as it journeys through the web without some level of privacy violation, however the asset itself can be made Traceable and verifiable by embedding ownership information into the asset. That way in the event of infringement, creators will have some level of protection as the asset itself will tell the story of ownership and terms.

Numbers Protocol Overview

Capture App is able to do all of this by leveraging Numbers Protocol, a three stage (Capture, Seal, Trace) decentralized photo network that leverages the latest in blockchain and metadata standards.

With Capture, birth information of the media content is recorded at the point of creation. What this means is at the moment a piece of media is created, contextual information such as creator, time, location and signature is collected and recorded. This first step is critical in claiming yourself as the creator and establishing the context of the creator. To learn more about what context of the creator is check out Legitimizing NFT — Finding Context of Creator.

With Seal, the records are made immutable and traceable by creating an integrity record on the blockchain. It is important that these records are made immutable by the blockchain to ensure that no tampering and manipulation can happen with the digital asset. It ensures the security and authenticity of the media in a time where data manipulation is common and extremely easy to do.

With Trace, the media assets themselves are made into traceable multilayered information containers by embedding the contextual information. The identifying quality of these assets are that the information sticks even in the event of sharing on the web.

Capture App Implications

The ethos of technology and innovation is the desire to solve real world problems. As technology continues to develop and we trend more and more towards decentralized solutions and Web3.0 space, it is important that our tools need to follow suite.

Capture App aims to solve real problems in a space that littered with violations and inaction by equipping everyday users with a means of securing their own creation and establishing copyright on creation through Capture, Seal and Trace.


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