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Experiencing the WEB 3.0 File Registration Era with Numbers Protocol

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Experiencing the WEB 3.0 File Registration Era with Numbers Protocol

👀 Concept Overview

We live in an era where digital content is easily created and consumed. Within minutes of sharing, digital creations can appear on an infinite number of webpages, appear as a profile image or sit pretty on someone’s Desktop. With how densely populated the internet is with our photos and videos, is there such a thing as a unique and valuable asset?

The notion of a unique and valuable digital media is a foregone conclusion in the Web2.0 space. As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream and Web3.0 becomes the next internet frontier, it is critically important to address the digital content dilemma with innovation and care.

Numbers Protocol’s aims to change the way we look at our digital content. From valueless pieces of media to valuable assets, this redefining will bring about fundamental changes in the way we view our creations. For example, within the Numbers Protocol native content network, even a BLACK and WHITE image can be “one-of-a-kind” and valuable.

Content in the Numbers ecosystem is “registered” and identified via Content Identifier (CID) by its wholly unique content.

Today digital content is just a raw file. Empty with no information. Content created with Numbers Protocol which we coin as ‘Captures’, are multilayered containers with embedded ownership, context of creation, provenance, creator signature and on-chain record.

In the early days of the internet, domain names were valuable entities. Similar to domain names, we are at the beginning stages of the “file registration” era. BLACK and WHITE may mean nothing in the current internet work, but in the Numbers Protocol native network, it can mean being the SOLE owner and creator of the shade. Just like the domain name race, the possibilities are endless …. Are you in?

🗓Campaign Details

Join us in experiencing the Web3.0 File Registration Era with Numbers Protocol FIRST Capture NFT Airdrop!

We are offering 4 Capture NFTs of different shades, including Pure White/Pure Black, and to celebrate our upcoming re-branding, the New Numbers Blue and New Capture Blue.

In the current internet, the notion of unique and valuable color shade is a foregone conclusion. Within the Numbers Protocol native content network, content is unique, valuable and registered under creators.

⏰ Campaign Period

2021/9/23 15:00 — 2021/9/25 15:00 (UTC+8)(48 hrs)

✅ How to join

★Follow Twitter @numbersprotocol
★Like, RT & Tag 2 friends the pin tweet
★Join Telegram (post proof)

🎁 AirDrop Award

★4096*4096 pure black with color code #000000 Capture NFT*1
★4096*4096 pure white with color code #ffffff Capture NFT*1
★4096*4096 New-Numbers Blue color code #00C9FF Capture NFT*1
★4096*4096 New-Capture Blue color code #0000D8 Capture NFT*1

We will announce the winner at 2021/9/27 15:00 (UTC+8), and contact the winner via twitter message.

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