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Exposing the Truth: How Numbers Protocol is Revolutionizing War Crime Investigations with Starling Lab and Rolling Stone

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Exposing the Truth: How Numbers Protocol is Revolutionizing War Crime Investigations with Starling Lab and Rolling Stone

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War crimes have been a tragic reality throughout history and continue to occur in places like Ukraine and Syria. However, advancements in technology such as decentralized networks and Web3 storage provide new opportunities to hold those responsible accountable and offer a glimmer of hope for a better future for our next generation.

We are honored to be a part of the first deployments of photojournalism on Web3 with Rolling Stone and Starling Lab for investigating war crimes committed by a Serbian force, Arkan's Tigers - The DJ and the War Crimes. The documents collected during the investigation are captured and registered on Numbers Protocol, alongside projects like Likecoin, Avalanche, IPFS, Filecoin, and others that leverage the technique of cryptographic verification.

Learn more:

In the investigation report site, readers are able to check the authentication data by clicking the info button

Scroll down to the "Framework" section to find the registered transaction on the Numbers Mainnet.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the writer of this investigation, Sophia M. Jones, and photographer Ron Haviv, for their contributions. It's essential to remember that all great discoveries come from small pieces, and it's only by piecing them together that we can see the "full picture."

In addition to the Rolling Stone report, Numbers Protocol has also achieved many other successes with Starling Lab to safeguard the traceability and transparency of digital assets and bringing Web3 technology one step closer to being truly impactful. In 2020 we worked with Reuters to archive the president election and transition. In 2022 we presented the world's first Web3 evidence of war crimes in Ukraine as well as irrefutable proof of Climate Change. Together with C2PA standards and Nid, Numbers Protocol is able to ensure the authenticity of digital content.

In 2023, we decided to take the safeguard of digial assets to be next level by launching our own Web3 archive project titled Numbers Archive 2022, which chronicles the years meaningful events. We hope to continue Web3 archive in the years to come.

The collaboration between Rolling Stone, Starling Lab and Numbers Protocol represents a powerful example of how asset-centric value can be harnessed to bring transparency and traceability to real-life issues and presents a meaningful use case for Web3 technology outside of crypto. This is not only a significant step forward in the fight against war crimes, but it also serves as an inspiration for other efforts to use technology for positive change. Numbers Protocol will continue to push our technology for greater usage in all domains, it is our pleasure to make real contributions to the world.

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