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Introducing the New Capture Cam, The First Decentralized Web3 Camera

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Introducing the New Capture Cam, The First Decentralized Web3 Camera

‘Capture’, is creating a powerful new way for creators to build their own creative enterprises. 

The brand new Capture Cam built by the team at Numbers Protocol and Noir Agency, lowers the barrier to entry into Web3. Photographers can turn their photos and videos into NFTs in a few taps with on-chain registrations to protect their asset’s rights. With a focus on escapism, creativity, and storytelling, Capture is reframing the way users spend their time online which means more creators can benefit from Web3 technology.

We are delighted to present Capture’s new positioning, brand strategy, and beautiful new visual identity!

Many creators struggle to create meaningful value on centralized platforms. Apart from the top 1%, many photographers make more money from suing outlets that use their images without permission, than selling their own work.

Capture allows creators to sell their work on a decentralized platform that supports the financial future of the creative economy. And because every photo is on-chain, verified, and secured, we protect the rights of assets. For creators to be able to sell their work and build up the new creative economy, they need support in re-establishing a vital emotional connection to collectors.

Capture lowers the barrier to entry for everyone to enter Web3 and benefit from being part of a new creative economy.


To empower creative communities to build a thriving financial and cultural future.

Capture supports the growth of a new creative economy by lowering the barriers to entry and reestablishing a connection between creators and collectors.

Brand Value

  • Storytellers: Enable users to tell the stories behind their creative journey.
  • Enriching: Use technology to make the world a more inspiring place.
  • Supportive: Uplift & give back to creative communities.

Behind the Brand

Inspired by the frames of a camera and the letter C.

Color is an important part of the new Capture brand.

A freedom gradient mesh is the key color expression, and we have 2 core brand colors, each with a lighter tint.

Standard Logo Set

New Capture Cam Interface

Besides the new logo and new color, we also released the new interface of the Capture Cam. The new look design shows the concept “Discover, Create, Collect”, more fits the brand value ”Storyteller, Enriching, Supportive”

Simple Gateway for Photographers into Web3

Any photographer who’s dipped their toes into the NFT space, knows that it can be a complex and confusing minefield. From minting to blockchains, photographers wanting to access this new technology - to benefit their creative enterprise - find themselves overwhelmed with tech speak and jargon.

Capture enables photographers to take photos directly with the in-built camera, or upload their work, with a few taps their work can be turned into NFTs ready to be sold on the marketplace to collectors. It’s a simple, decentralized app for anyone with a creative vision to point, capture & sell their photos and videos.

Building a Creative Economy

Web2 social media platforms have created online spaces that monetise human attention, compensate artists only through exposure and use users' data as a commodity. 

Through the Capture Cam, marketplace and wider cultural community, photographers can build their own creative enterprise and tribe of collectors by monetising their portfolios. The thriving financial and cultural future Capture is building is supported by a strong team of ambassadors from the arts and technology sectors and a hub for creative editorial to follow the creative journeys of emerging talent. Finally creatives can experience the feeling of being back in control of their creative career.

Protecting Photographers Rights

Every capture and transaction happens on-chain and protects asset rights by equipping creators with the means of easily securing their photos and videos. Creators can define what kind of license they prefer and every asset is given a Numbers ID - a unique identity - before being stored and registered on the decentralized web by Numbers Protocol. 

Capture safeguards your content integrity through metadata, certified and sealed with on-chain proof throughout creation and publishing.  Assets can be connected, transferred or sold through the whole Web3 ecosystem, whilst remaining on-chain to ensure they retain their verifiability.

Reinventing the Creative Journey Online

Being online should be a form of rich escapism, a place for our imaginations to be let loose. But, escapism is increasingly limited within the boundaries of feeds, likes, algorithms and viral pressure. We’re only given an airbrushed version of life, with a lack of depth and layers to the creative process. This lack of storytelling on social media platforms and existing NFT marketplaces means escapism feels more like procrastination. This has been detrimental for creativity.

Capture is creating a platform where our imaginations can flourish. Getting rid of algorithms, creating editorial spaces for artists and facilitating fair and inclusive financial opportunities for creators. This means artists can establish a vital emotional connection and create a journey of discovery, curiosity and inspiration for their tribe.

Reinforcing Numbers Protocol’s Ethos

Numbers Protocol is a digital media library and indexing system. The technological solution to the problem of trust in digital media. Numbers and Capture both use blockchain to authenticate digital media, so you know you’re seeing original, verified images online.

Algorithms and photo manipulation is leading to a future where subjective opinions are more influential than objective truth. To create a better debate and a less divided democracy - its Numbers Protocol’s mission to give people the ‘full picture’.

Capture reinforces this ethos, allowing users to analyze the world around them in the knowledge they’re seeing the full picture.

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