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Bridging into the Future : MILC and Numbers Protocol Partner to Connect the Physical and Digital

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Bridging into the Future : MILC and Numbers Protocol Partner to Connect the Physical and Digital

In an era where technology and creativity converge, the world is witnessing groundbreaking partnerships that redefine the boundaries of innovation. Today, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration that promises to shape the future experience of events and festivals in a dimension previously unexplored.

The MILC Project is under the development and supervision of Welt der Wunder TV (engl.: “World of Wonder TV”), an independent entertainment free-to-air TV-network in Germany and Switzerland, based in Munich and Zug. Founded in 1996, Welt der Wunder is one of the best-known media brands in the DACH region and has been active in the market for more than 27 years. Welt der Wunder launched the first German Metaverse in 2021, and has been supporting brands getting ready for metaverse since then. As a significant player in the media industry, Welt der Wunder is also leading the charge in developing an international licensing trade of digital media content based on blockchain technology. This partnership between Welt der Wunder’s MILC Platform and Numbers represents a bold step into uncharted territory, where creativity and technology intersect. 

Initial Collaboration : Oldenburg Film Festival

Oldenburg International Film Festival, often referred to as the European Sundance, has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the international festival circuit, serving as a vital platform for independent cinema in Europe. This year for its 30th anniversary it opened a new perspective by bringing a physical festival to a virtual world in the metaverse with MILC Platform, and presented a selection of films and live streams during the festival. To applaud such a great move, Numbers supports The Oldenburg Film Festival team and MILC to capture festival highlights throughout the years to the blockchain to mark its importance. This collaboration marks the dawn of a new era for MILC and Numbers, showcasing the vast potential of their partnership.

A Partnership Aligned with Vision 

The partnership between MILC and Numbers Protocol is more than a collaboration; it's a convergence of shared visions and values. Together, they aspire to not only serve the media industry but also empower the countless creators within it. These creators are the cornerstone of the industry, the driving force propelling it forward. This partnership spans various dimensions, including how both technology and platforms can be integrated and implemented to elevate experience for events like Oldenburg International Film Festival, and how creative media contents can be flowed between platforms to platforms without losing control of ownership for creators. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Numbers Protocol. We are aligned in our goals to empower content creators, and integrating their technology into our metaverse will unlock new opportunities for the creative community. Our collaboration together with Oldenburg Film Festival is just the beginning. We look forward to working together and pushing the boundaries of how technology is shaping the future of the media industry”. Richard Flynn, Senior Licensing Manager, the MILC Platform

Looking Ahead: A New Chapter in Digital Creativity 

As we venture further into the digital age, authenticity and trust become the cornerstones of our interactions with the digital world. MILC and Numbers Protocol are embarking on a journey that seeks to redefine the experience and how the media industry move forward. Together, they aim to provide a platform where creativity thrives, and authenticity is unquestionable—a future where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are seamlessly blurred.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership between MILC and Numbers Protocol as they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of digital creativity.

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