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Harmonizing Innovation: A Dialogue with Autumn and Chris on Music: AI, Rights, and Creativity

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Harmonizing Innovation: A Dialogue with Autumn and Chris on Music: AI, Rights, and Creativity

Here at Numbers Protocol, we recently had the honor of hosting an interview with two of the music industry’s most forward-thinking personalities, Autumn and Chris Wieduwilt. Our conversation delved into the gritty realities and innovative breakthroughs at the intersection of music creation and blockchain technology.

We listened to Autumn, a passionate advocate for the rights of songwriters, as she described the solitary and often underappreciated toil behind songwriting. She shared the trials of a career where success is measured in delayed paychecks and recognition comes slower than the music itself. Her story resonated with our mission at Numbers Protocol to provide tools for better acknowledgment and compensation for creators.

Chris brought his trove of digital wisdom to the discussion, espousing the transformative potential of AI and NFTs in the music industry. Through his newsletter, "AI Musicpreneur," he educates artists on harnessing AI for automating mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on their creative genius. His perspective on using AI to develop alternative revenue streams aligns with our vision of leveraging technology to empower artists.

Our encounter with Autumn at SXSW was a pivotal moment, as she expressed her fascination with how our Capture Cam app enabled her to mint photos as NFTs in real-time. At Numbers Protocol, we believe in capturing moments that matter, and Autumn’s use of our app as a digital time capsule for her creative projects reflects the very essence of our platform’s capabilities.

The discussion naturally transitioned to how blockchain could offer a solution to the inefficient payment and royalty distribution systems currently plaguing artists—a change we at Numbers Protocol are eager to facilitate. Chris's insights into blockchain's role in ensuring immediate and transparent transactions were a testament to the possibilities that our technology is poised to unlock.

As we navigated through the promises and perils of AI in music, both Autumn and Chris underscored the delicate balance between embracing innovation and preserving the human touch in artistry. We share their view and emphasize the importance of using AI ethically to augment, not replace, human creativity.

Concluding the interview, we reflected on the shared aspirations for an industry that values and rewards its creators justly. At Numbers Protocol, we remain committed to pioneering solutions that not only address the current needs of digital content provenance but also support the growth and protection of creative work in the digital age.

Our interview was more than just a conversation; it was a statement of our dedication to building a future where technology enriches the arts. We stand with creators like Autumn and innovators like Chris, as we collectively stride towards a more equitable and thriving creative landscape.



How can Numbers Protocol assist songwriters and artists in gaining more recognition and better compensation?

  • Autumn's story at the roundtable highlighted the challenges faced by songwriters in gaining recognition and fair compensation. Numbers Protocol provides tools that empower creators with better acknowledgment and financial rewards. Our platform ensures that the creative output is adequately acknowledged and monetized.

What is the potential of AI and NFTs in the music industry as seen through the lens of Numbers Protocol?

  • Chris Wieduwilt shared his insights into how AI and NFTs can transform the music industry. Numbers Protocol aligns with this vision, offering artists innovative ways to automate mundane tasks and create alternative revenue streams using AI and NFT technology.

Can you describe a real-world application of Numbers Protocol's technology in the music industry?

  • A prime example is Autumn's use of our Capture Cam app at SXSW. She used it to mint photos as NFTs in real-time, demonstrating how our technology acts as a digital time capsule for creative projects, providing artists with a novel way to monetize their work and engage with their audience.

How does Numbers Protocol address the issue of inefficient payment and royalty distribution in the music industry?

  • Our roundtable discussion with Chris and Autumn touched on the inefficiencies in current payment systems for artists. Numbers Protocol leverages blockchain technology to ensure immediate, transparent, and fair transactions, addressing these long-standing industry issues.

How does Numbers Protocol balance the use of AI in enhancing creativity without losing the human touch?

  • As discussed with Autumn and Chris, there's a delicate balance in using AI in the arts. Numbers Protocol focuses on using AI ethically to augment human creativity, not replace it, ensuring that technology enriches the artistic process while preserving its human essence.

What future developments can we expect from Numbers Protocol in supporting the growth of the creative industry?

  • Our commitment, as showcased in the roundtable, is to pioneer solutions that address digital content provenance and support the protection and growth of creative work in the digital age. We aim to continuously innovate to ensure technology enriches the arts and supports a fair and thriving creative landscape.

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