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Numbers Protocol Partners with NFTIV Empowering Web3 Innovation and Digital Provenance for NaaS

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Numbers Protocol Partners with NFTIV  Empowering Web3 Innovation and Digital Provenance for NaaS

We are excited to share our partnershipwith NFTIV—one of the leading solutions provider in the Web3 industry. 

With the digital transformation takingplace, NFTIV is a driving force to support businesses and individuals in theirefforts to launch Web3 projects. They provide consultancy and advisory servicesfor technology implementation and development, through their flagshipservice—Virtual Assets-as-a-Service (VAAS)—tailored to suit client needs.


By combining NFTIV's expertise in Web3 with Numbers Protocol'sinnovative solutions, this collaboration will provide creators and businesseswith a powerful platform to showcase their unique digital assets, buildownership and connect with global audiences.


As the Web3 industry continues to grow,many Web2 businesses look forward to establishing a presence at this newfrontier. However, venturing with web3 can be a challenging and expensiveundertaking, especially for those with limited experience in the field. This iswhere NFTIV comes in. 

With a proven track record and diverse portfolio of projects spanning a wide variety of industries, includingfilm, sports and creatives, NFTIV has established itself as a trusted partnerfor businesses that want to seamlessly transition into the web3. Their recentcollaboration with “A Guilty Conscience”, the highest-grossing film in HongKong history, demonstrated their expertise and success in the film industry.Through its extensive knowledge and industry expertise, NFTIV provides a meansfor Web2 companies to leverage the unbounded potential of Web3.

Partnership with NFTIV, Numbers helpNFTIV with all digital asset tracking and verification can greatly benefitNFTIV's platform by ensuring the authenticity and traceability of NFT artworks.Additionally, NFTIV's focus on empowering creators and providing a seamlessexperience for NFT creation aligns with Numbers' mission of supporting artistsand promoting transparency in the digital art space.
Together, Numbers and NFTIV can create apowerful ecosystem that enhances the value and trustworthiness of NFTs whilerevolutionizing the way digital art is discovered, shared, and protected.


Web3 and Blockchain Solution platforms and providers are flourishing here and there. There are many options for creators and brands to thrive in the NFT space, making it difficult to actually choose one that meet all your needs. As NFTIV strives to be the market-leading blockchain technology company, we have analyzed and mapped out all the possible features needed to make your Web3, NFT, and Blockchain journey to smooth sailing. NFTIV is powered by a highly skilled and experienced team that encompasses a wide range of expertise.

Anthony Leung, the CTO, is a prominent figure in the digital transformation movement in Hong Kong and East Asia. As a founding member of the Blockchain Technology Assurance Institution and a certified member of the FinTech Club Hong Kong, Anthony brings extensive knowledge in blockchain technology. He is also a founding director of the Hong Kong General Chamber and serves as the executive vice president of the HONG KONG 020 E-COMMERCE INDUSTRIES FEDERATION, showcasing his leadership in the e-commerce industry.

Vincent Lau, the Co-Founder, has a rich background in the blockchain industry, having held leadership positions in major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi Global, OKEx, and Bitfinex. With his involvement in a global venture and incubation lab, Vincent has successfully incubated numerous crypto and NFT projects, reaching valuations of up to 30 million USD.

Oswald, the CFO, brings a strong financial acumen to NFTIV, ensuring effective management of company finances and accounting operations. His expertise in financial planning and analysis contributes to the overall financial stability and growth of the organization. With his professional experience in managing company financial matters, Oswald plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial success of NFTIV's endeavors.

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