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Numbers Innovation Program : Leading the Digital Provenance Future

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Numbers Innovation Program : Leading the Digital Provenance Future

In an era where data-driven AI technologies are transforming our lives, digital provenance has become crucial for building trust, ensuring authenticity, and safeguarding intellectual property. At Numbers Protocol, we have already successfully built relationships with over 100 partners, but we aren't stopping there. Today, we are excited to introduce the Numbers Innovation Program, which includes two key components: the Provenance Innovation Grant and the Provenance Innovation Investment.

Areas of Interest

  1. Digital Provenance & Trust : We seek initiatives, tools, or campaigns that raise awareness and adoption of digital provenance. Quality candidates will seamlessly integrate or use Numbers Protocol technology into their services, including platforms, media entities, and artist communities.
  2. Developer & Ecosystem Growth : Projects that broaden the Numbers Protocol ecosystem are of particular interest, especially those that enrich content creation, verification, and empower users within the ecosystem.
  3. Media, AI & User Experience : Research and projects that enhance AI-driven content, data science, and artistic ventures through Numbers Protocol are highly encouraged.
  4. Open Innovation : We also welcome groundbreaking projects that may not neatly fit into predefined categories but resonate profoundly with our vision.

Provenance Innovation Grant

The Provenance Innovation Grant aims to support early-stage projects or ideas focused on digital provenance, media, and AI. We offer grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 USD to fuel ideation and early-stage development.

Grant Quality Metrics
  • Novelty: Your project introduces a groundbreaking approach to digital provenance.
  • Feasibility: A clear and achievable roadmap to turn ideas into actionable results.
  • Alignment: Direct integration of Numbers Protocol technology into your services.
  • Community Engagement: Existing or a strategy for building an active user community.
  • Scalability: Potential to scale and make a broader impact within the Numbers Protocol ecosystem.

Provenance Innovation Investment

For projects that are ready to take their prototypes to the next level, our Provenance Innovation Investment supports growth and scalability. Investment sizes range from $30,000 to $200,000 USD, offering substantial support to help your project achieve its fullest potential.

Investment Quality Metrics
  • Traction: Demonstrable user engagement or market validation.
  • Innovation: Distinctive technological features that set your project apart.
  • Team: Qualified and committed team members with a track record in relevant fields.
  • Business Model: Sustainable and robust business model for long-term viability.
  • Integration: Incorporation of Numbers Protocol technology into your services.

Application Process

Proposal Submission

Submit your innovative project ideas through our dedicated online portal for an initial review by our team. For all applications, a clear project timeline is essential. If you are applying for the Provenance Innovation Investment, we strongly recommend a phased approach, broken down into at least three distinct phases—such as 'Development', 'Testing & Validation', and 'Scaling'. This will help our review committee better understand your roadmap and milestones.

Review Process
  • Review by the Program Committee: After initial proposal submissions, the Program Committee will conduct a thorough review to shortlist projects based on the established guidelines and quality metrics. This step normally takes a few days to weeks. Under certain circumstances, the Program Committee might conduct an interview with the applicant.
  • Community Review: Projects that pass the first round of Program Committee review will enter a 30-day Community Review. NumbersDAO members holding Night CAPCTH-A will have the opportunity to propose potential projects directly during this phase.
  • Final Vote by NumbersDAO: Upon completion of the Community Review, shortlisted projects will be submitted to NumbersDAO for a final vote and approval.

Post-Award Phase

Final grant decisions rest with NumbersDAO, guided by recommendations from the Program Committee. Successful applicants will receive funding and resources, complete any necessary legal documentation, and proceed with project execution. Milestone-based reporting will trigger the release of subsequent funding tranches.

Application process flow

Additional Guidelines

Your application will stand a better chance of acceptance if:

  • Your application introduces a meticulously researched or tested concept contributing to digital provenance.
  • Your application adheres to high ethical standards, particularly with regards to user data, privacy, and the responsible use of AI.
  • Your application has rich and well-defined objectives.
  • Your application clearly defines metrics for success and demonstrates how the project will contribute to broader goals in the digital provenance and Numbers Protocol ecosystem.
  • You already have an existing and active community.
  • There is a clear path for sustaining the project beyond the funding period.

We will open the application to this Grant Initiative on Q4 2023. We invite developers, builders, creators, and innovators to join us as we venture into a new horizon, reshaping the internet paradigm towards a decentralized, user-owned, and trust-enhanced digital landscape.

Join us as we venture into the new horizon, where innovation knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless.

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