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Numbers Partner with Refinable to Bring Authenticity to NFT, Game, and the Metaverse

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Numbers Partner with Refinable to Bring Authenticity to NFT, Game, and the Metaverse

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Refinable, the leading multi-chain NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. This is a big deal, as it is the first marketplace partnership that Numbers Protocol announced, and we’re looking forward to providing users with all the benefits that come with it. There will be an online workshop and several releases of the integration in December.

This article will cover our NFT Search Engine, how it works, and why it just got even better through our partnership with Refinable.

The Showcase of NFT Search Engine

NFTs are an exciting field, but, unfortunately, experience a lot of the same issues as traditional media.

As NFTs exploded in popularity, we at Numbers correctly identified that ownership and blockchain records were not enough to ensure the authenticity of digital assets. To solve these issues, we created NFT Search Engine as a Numbers Protocol network tool.

NFT Search Engine is a tool that ensures the transparency and searchability of digital content in a growing NFT space.

How NFT Search Engine Works

It is the first file-based NFT search engine in the world. The engine indexes all NFT media files on the Ethereum network. When users upload an NFT file or input a Content ID (CID) in the search box, a preview of the asset and the history of the NFT will be shown. The information is available because of the transparency of the blockchain. This information not only helps users verify whether NFTs sold in the marketplace are authentic but can also help marketplaces check if the minted NFT are safe for their buyers.

The beta version of the NFT search engine can be tested here.

Please kindly note, as it is still at the beta phase, the stability may not be perfect. Any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with Refinable as it will help create more NFT verification awareness. Both Numbers and Refinable believe in the future applications of NFTs, and want to ensure that our users have a way to verify them. Beyond simply searching for NFTs on our Search Engine, our partnership with Refinable will allow users to buy their favorite NFTs with just a click.

Search and Buy REAL NFTs with Refinable

Refinable was designed from the ground up as a decentralized foundation for gamers, collectors, and developers alike to discover and trade NFTs. The platform allows users to centralize their NFTs, trade and share them with anyone, as well as help NFT creators get discovered.

Partnering with Refinable was a natural choice, as both our vision and platform perfectly align with what Numbers aims to achieve. Users can search for an NFT through our Search Engine or can see the badge issued by Numbers Protocol on Refinable marketplace to have a better sense of whether this NFT is trustworthy.

Maxim Geerinck, CTO and Co-Founder of Refinable, said,

At Refinable, we want to ensure that our users can buy NFTs safely and worry-free. We are excited to accomplish this with Numbers Protocol to create a future for creators to protect their digital assets.

NUM token’s role in NFT marketplace partnership

Moving forward, NUM token will also play an important role in the collaboration with NFT marketplaces like Refinable. NUM is designed to encourage users to create files with good integrity and help verify the authenticity of content.

The NUM economy leverages the community and incentivizes users in the current internet and future metaverse to protect the authenticity of content allowing Numbers Protocol to build a better and healthier Web3.0 ecosystem.

If you want to take a look at a demo of how to search for NFTs on our Search Engine, you can check it out here.

About Refinable

Refinable is a decentralized multi-chain NFT platform and marketplace designed for creating, trading, exploring, and leveraging NFTs. The project’s aim is to become the go-to platform that empowers individuals and communities to adopt and benefit from the experience of using NFTs through their low transaction fees and high efficiencies when it comes to creating and trading on the blockchain.

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