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OUT OF BETA — One-Click Photo NFT Now Available With Capture App!

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OUT OF BETA — One-Click Photo NFT Now Available With Capture App!

Super simple, the Capture APP allows anyone with a smartphone to easily create NFTs with just a few clicks. No crypto knowledge or experience is required, just a keen interest and love for taking photos or shooting videos. Download or update your Capture App to version 0.43.0 to experience the new feature!

To celebrate the new feature launch, NFT listings will be free until Dec 31, 2021! Happy Capture!

Download here:

Let’s see how it’s done!

As the world’s FIRST photo NFT and blockchain camera, Capture APP promises to bring additional excitement to a growing photo NFT trend by marrying together NFT accessibility with the trust and security of Numbers Capture, Seal, Trace technology. We are extremely excited to see the awesome creations the community has in store for us!


The updates do not stop there! Network Actions and NUM integration with Capture APP are also coming. Having officially launched Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network as well as NUM token this past November, we made it a priority to provide users with token utility as early as possible. As a native protocol token of the Numbers Network, NUM can be used to pay for services within the network, which we refer to as Network Actions.

Creating an NFT and not being able to showcase or earn from it is BORING! So the FIRST Network Action we bring to you is CaptureClub listing.

CaptureClub is Numbers's first in-network NFT marketplace and contains a rich collection of digital art and photos. Like everything in Capture APP, listing is done in-app easily with just a few clicks.

Experience it now for free for a limited time (until December 31, 2021). We are looking forward to seeing more awesome works in CaptureClub!

NUM In-app Wallet

Coinciding with Network Actions is the official integration of NUM into Capture APP in-app wallet. Seemingly simple, this change signals more potential utility for NUM within Capture APP in the form of more Network Actions and transacting with NUM to acquire Captures.

Going all-in on decentralization!

This update also includes a full dive on our part into WEB3.0 decentralization and asset registration. Now all creations in the Numbers network will automatically be stored to IPFS and registered with a unique Content ID (CID). Check it NOW in-app by viewing each asset’s auto-generated associated certificate of authenticity!

Join and Experience It! Capture To EARN!

To encourage users to join and experience, NEW CAMPAIGNS IS WAITING AHEAD!

  • Airdrop to Capture App holders coming soon, make sure you have it installed 😉
  • Bounty Program for photographer influencers coming soon!
    Share and tag your favorite photographer influencers to see their awesome work show as NFT!

Capture To EARN!

About Capture APP

Capture APP is the world’s first blockchain and photo NFT camera app and is also the primary network tool of Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. Capture APP aims to solve real problems in a space that is littered with violations and inactions by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations through Numbers innovative Capture, Seal, Trace protocol.

Download here:

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