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Capture Demo: Your Guide to Protect Content Provenance in Gen-AI Era

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Capture Demo: Your Guide to Protect Content Provenance in Gen-AI Era

Generative AI: Transforming the Digital Landscape

The digital media landscape is rapidly changing, thanks to the advent of generative AI. With its ability to produce images, videos, and text, generative AI has unlocked a new world of creativity and innovation. However, it also brings forth the challenge of accurately identifying the source of digital media and distinguishing human-made content from AI-generated content.

Capture: The Answer to Generative AI Challenges

Capture is our robust response to these challenges. This revolutionary platform, powered by blockchain technology, transforms digital media into verifiable and secure digital assets. With Capture, you can easily document and protect the provenance of your digital media content, bringing a new era of authenticity.

Key Features and Benefits of Capture

Capture offers numerous features to support creators:

  • Simple creation and registration process
  • Generation of blockchain certificates (Asset Profiles) as proof of creation
  • License preference settings for control over content usage
  • Option to authorize content for AI training
  • Permanent Web3 decentralized storage via IPFS
  • Platform to discover new creators and their captivating works
  • Access to Web3 services, mint NFTs, and sell on Capture Explorer
  • Real-time service monitoring via the Numbers Protocol Status Page

Step-by-Step Guide to Recording and Verifying Content Provenance on Capture

Capture Dashboard: Register a Capture with simple steps

After understanding what Capture is and what it can do for you, here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

1. Navigate to Capture Dashboard, and sign into your Capture account: If you don't have one, create one first.

2. Upload your creations: Click " Create " to upload your digital creations directly from your desktop.

3. Add creation details: Add relevant details like caption, creation time, and location.

4. Select your license preference: Choose how you want your work to be used.
Know more about Creative Common license type here: 

5. Tag AI-generated content: If your work was generated with an AI model, tag it for transparency.

6. Authorize AI Training: Toggle on "Allow AI Training" if you want your work to be used as AI training data while retaining authorship.

7. Create an NFT: If you wish to make your creation an NFT, activate "Share to Explore" and set your preferred price.

8. Register your content: Click "Register Capture." It takes around 2-3 minutes to complete the process.

Asset Profile: Verify the Registration Info

Once you've registered your content, you can review and verify your registration information at any time:

1. Navigate to the "Manage" page, and click the asset you want to review. This opens the Asset Profile page, where you can see the basic information about your asset.

2. For more detailed info, find the first commit labelled "initial registration" and click "AssetTree”.

3. To verify the proof of the original registration, find "integrityCid". Copy the Cid and use an IPFS gateway to open it.

4. To see the additional registration info like License, AI mining preference, get back to Asset Profile page, and scroll down to the latest commit, click “AssetTree”.

Capture Eye: Your Assurance of Verified and Secured Digital Media

Capture Eye is a powerful feature of the Capture platform that adds an extra layer of authenticity to digital media. When you see an asset adorned with the Capture Eye icon on any website, it indicates that the asset has been registered on the Numbers network and is a Web3 asset with on-chain provenance proof.

This proof, secured on the blockchain, protects asset rights and proves authenticity while also providing transparency on edits and changes to the digital media using Capture sign. Clicking on the Capture Eye icon reveals basic information about the asset. 

For further information, you can click "View More" or the Cid to be navigated to the Asset Profile page where detailed on-chain records can be accessed. 

You can easily locate information about the license, publication, the specific AI model used, and even the prompt that was used to generate the content.

Experience a new level of trust and authenticity in digital media with Capture Eye!

Refer to our video to check the full demo

Who can Benefit from Capture?

Capture is designed for anyone who values the integrity of their work: photographers, content creators, musicians, and more. If you're a professional seeking to protect your copyright or an aspiring artist establishing a digital footprint, Capture offers a secure platform to share your creations confidently. The application also provides a seamless process for minting NFTs on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Numbers.

In the digital age, Capture is necessary for anyone who values the authenticity of their work. By using blockchain technology, Capture ensures your work's origin and authenticity are preserved and verifiable!

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If you want to explore more, visit Capture on our [Product Hunt page]. We encourage you to upvote, leave a comment, and try Capture for yourself! We value your feedback as we continuously strive to improve and expand our features. 

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