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SONA's Warrior Awards Embrace Innovation with Capture through Jen Rosenstein’s Lens

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SONA's Warrior Awards Embrace Innovation with Capture through Jen Rosenstein’s Lens

In the dynamic realm where technology, art and the creative spirit of music intertwine, we find groundbreaking collaborations that are reshaping the landscape of innovation. Today, we are thrilled to introduce a partnership that promises to redefine the way music events and awards are experienced, all thanks to the remarkable contributions of Songwriters of North America (SONA), the artistic vision of Jen Rosenstein, and the technological prowess of Numbers Protocol.

SONA, a leading advocacy organization founded by professional songwriters, stands at the forefront of championing fair pay, safety, and equity, with a collective voice for songwriters worldwide. The SONA Warrior Awards serve as a vital platform for music creators to honor the extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication of their peers.

On the other hand, Capture, powered by Numbers Protocol, is a blockchain-driven provenance infrastructure that authenticates and tracks digital assets, offering a solution for brands, creators, and companies. By providing a tamper-proof history of digital content, Capture not only ensures authenticity but also opens avenues for monetization through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and protects against copyright infringement. It's a pivotal tool in fostering a transparent and secure digital ecosystem, setting the stage for innovative applications in personalized AI and the broader digital landscape.

Jen Rosenstein Capturing The Moment at SONA Warrior Awards 2023

The SONA Warrior Awards have always been more than just accolades for songwriters. They're a tribute to the dedication, artistry, and passion that songwriters pour into their work. It’s about celebrating the voices that touch our hearts and souls through melodies and lyrics.

This year, Capture is turning the award photos into more than just stock images, with the help of acclaimed photographer Jen Rosenstein, who will join the awards and capture the unique moments for all songwriters and members in the SONA community. Jen is a Los Angeles-based photographer and artist who has abundant experiences of working with Grammy award-winning artists and celebrities. 

Through Jen Rosenstein’s lens, we'll capture the creativity and uniqueness of all the guests during the night, sharing the joy and excitement. Most importantly, she doesn’t just take photos; she captures the moment. It is indeed a co-creation process - a live art performance with all the guests together. After the award, we'll reveal a more comprehensive view of the photos, including metadata, provenance, and ownership history, ensuring these moments last forever.

Supporting the Future of Music, Creativity and the Industry

SONA, alongside Capture and Numbers Protocol, envisions a future where the creative contributions of songwriters and artists are duly recognized, protected, and celebrated. This partnership represents a significant step toward this vision. This collaboration is a shared commitment between SONA and Numbers Protocol as a starting point to lead industry change and make a difference in what we do. 

"SONA is thrilled to partner with Capture and Numbers Protocol to turn Jen Rosenstein's stunning photography into digital collectible NFTs at our 2023 SONA Warrior Awards,” said Autumn Rowe, songwriter, producer, and SONA board member. “We are always looking for new ways for creators to innovate and monetize in a digital economy, and we are excited to see this project capture songwriters' most prestigious night.

You can expect to see more collaborative efforts in advocating the importance of content provenance and supporting creators in the ecosystem. Stay tuned for exciting updates on this partnership between SONA, Capture, and Numbers Protocol as they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of music, technology, and digital creativity.

About Jen Rosenstein 

Jen Rosenstein is a native of Los Angeles, where she works as a director, photographer and artist. Rosenstein graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design. Her work can be seen on national ad campaigns for McCann Erickson NYC / TBWA\Chiat\Day LA. She photographs Grammy-award winning artists like Jason Mraz, Pentatonix, Jennifer Hudson, Foo Fighters, and many more.

Rosenstein’s photography is a reflection of her deep relationships within a creative community of musicians, artists, filmmakers and LGBTQ people. While her subjects are strong, her images seek to capture transformation and vulnerability – a trusted emotional exchange between friends, immortalized.

About Songwriters of Northern America (SONA)

Songwriters of Northern America (SONA) is a not-for-profit trade organization formed by and for professional songwriters to fight for songwriters’ rights. It was founded by Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley in 2015, in order to advocate for the right to fair pay in the age of digital media, and the right to safety and equity in the workplace. SONA fights at the highest levels of government and the music industry for the value of the songwriting profession amid the challenges of a rapidly shifting music marketplace.



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