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The 6th Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Result

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The 6th Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Result

The 6th Numbers DAO Voting ended on 26 January 2024 13:00 UTC. Here comes the result.

After 48 hours of discussing and voting, we got the results of the 6th Numbers DAO meeting :

  • There is a total of 177 NUM tokens that need to be burnt for the vote. The NUM will be burnt together during the next quarterly token burnt process.

According to the Numbers DAO result, Numbers will redirect unsuccessful DAO proposal stakes to the treasury.

According to the <Governance Ver. 2.0 — Numbers DAO voting rule>, regular Numbers DAO voting will be held quarterly. The schedule might change depending on the project roadmap and will be announced 30 calendar days before the voting day.

Please stay tuned to our social media. We will release more DAO-related information soon!

We hope to see you onboard at the next Numbers DAO meeting!

Participation Gifts!

A special NFT will be distributed to all participants (CAPTCH-A owners) who share their thoughts in the chat room during the DAO meeting period as a souvenir. Thank you for witnessing the 5th Numbers DAO meeting. (The NFT will distribute directly to participants’ Capture Account in 15 workdays).

5 random Snow/Rose owners who vote during the DAO meeting will receive a 200 NUM token reward. The reward will be distributed directly to the winners’ Capture Account within 15 workdays. If you’ve voted, check your Capture wallet to see if there’s a surprise ;) !

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