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Moving Forward to Web 3.0 - Introducing the New Numbers Protocol, Giving You the Full Picture

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Moving Forward to Web 3.0 - Introducing the New Numbers Protocol, Giving You the Full Picture


With the value that Numbers has been holding for over the past three years, our vision has become apparent. Trust in digital imagery is at an all-time low; there is a desperate need for more integrity and authenticity. This September, Numbers collaborated with Noir, a global brand agency, to refresh our brand, create an emotional connection between our users and products and help articulate our mission to the world. We are incredibly delighted to present our new positioning, brand strategy and beautiful new visual identity. 

People need pure data and authentic reality to communicate and debate; however, algorithms and photo manipulation lead to a future where subjective opinions are more influential than objective truth. To create a better debate and a less divided democracy, we need to provide people with the “full picture” and emphasise the importance of critical thinking. Numbers aim to pursue a future where we all can champion the purity of digital media enabling people to think more critically about the world around them.

We are proud to launch our “Decentralised Photo Network” to create community, value, and trust in the digital media world. Revive “truth-seeking” in society so that objective facts are more valued than emotion and personal belief.

Our Brand Values

  • Pure: We champion an unconstrained view of the world around us.
  • Community Focussed: Our community will help create and run the network.
  • Decentralised: We believe the future is user-owned and created.
  • Freedom Loving: We promote freedom from censorship and centralised platforms.
  • Conscious: Have a positive impact on the world.
  • Entrepreneurial: Inspire people to take control of their value online.
  • Simplistic: Remove Jargon and make things easy to understand.
  • Fairness: We take an honest, democratised approach to content.
  • Human: We lead with human messaging to solve human problems.

Behind the Brand

The Numbers N is a reflection of our values, which is built from simple geometric shapes. The three rectangles represent the notion of decentralised and simple, which resonates with the value we have always endeavoured. The two triangles in the middle depict different sides of the story as well as critical thinking. Combining these two elements formed the letter N, giving off a transparent and connected feeling that Numbers want to deliver to the world through a decentralised future on the blockchain.


Numbers champion the purity of digital media, with the vision of assisting people in the current society to think critically while looking at photos or data on the internet world. By giving the world the full picture, a decentralised photo network allows us to create a pure community, authentic value, and trust-building in digital media. 


Capture, Seal, Trace are the three pillars that enable Numbers to grow stronger. These icons will be used to communicate our offering and what we do, and they share the logo’s visual language of overlaps and simple geometry. And perhaps shortly, more icons will be added as Numbers grows. 

Imagery should stay high quality and authentic, as close to unedited as possible. Numbers continually pursue the factual side of all digital content. In some scenarios, we might not be able to bring out 100% truth. As with the girl behind the flowers, some parts are blurry, but Numbers will always fight to triumph over the fake and unclear side of the interest.

The world is getting turned upside down.
But, we’ve lost the tools to understand what’s happening around us.
Disempowered and misinformed, trust and truth are controlled and corroded by big tech.
Everything we see, hear, think and do is manipulated, edited, cropped, censored.
We believe in change—a jolt to the system.
A new decentralised photo network.
Built from the ground up by decentralised communities.
With the freedom to debate, narrate and analyse.
Where your future is user-owned and created.

By you, our community.

Unshackle yourself from the chains of big tech, unravel yourself from the echo chambers, Twitter spats and censorship.
We’re redefining what authentic means online by putting critical thinking first.

Numbers - Giving You the Full Picture.

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