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C2PA for Music and Video Platforms with Capture API

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C2PA for Music and Video Platforms with Capture API

This is the fifth installment of our Tech article series. The goal of this multipart series is to discuss provenance at a high level and provide more technically inclined readers a full dive into how to execute digital provenance. You can find the full list of this series here :

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C2PA for Music and Video Platforms with Capture API

In our last article, we explored adding C2PA watermarks to image files using Capture API, however music and video files are supported as well. In this article, we will explore why it's important that music and video files can also have C2PA labels.

The content creator market has been growing exponentially with the rise of social media platforms and streaming services.. The market size for digital content creation is projected to reach $50.2 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period indicating a growing demand for unique quality content 

To satisfy the demands and take advantage of the growing digital content industry, content creators must produce high quality content on a regular basis. Quality content often requires a great deal of time, effort and resources especially considering many creators operate in an individual or small team capacity. Despite their efforts, monetization opportunities are limited and often at the hands of platform algorithms. To make matters worse, creators must now contend with generative AI content threatening their share by creating content in a fraction of the time and effort.

Why Provenance Matters for Music and Video

Content creators thrive when their work is protected and properly credited. Embedding provenance metadata allows creators to prove ownership, making it easier to fight against unauthorized use and piracy. Having this protection is essential today where content can be easily copied and shared without permission.

With the rise of deepfakes and manipulated media, users want to know that the content they are consuming is real and created by humans. By embedding C2PA metadata into music and video files, platforms can offer this assurance, boosting user trust and engagement. Verified authenticity not only helps combat misinformation but also creates a more reliable environment where users can interact with content confidently. This trust is key to building a loyal user base and encouraging active participation on the platform.

For content creators, having a clear and verifiable provenance trail makes monetization simpler. Platforms and advertisers are more likely to invest in content that has verified authenticity, giving creators more opportunities to monetize their work effectively. This verification process ensures that creators are rewarded fairly for their contributions and helps to establish a sustainable revenue model. By using provenance data, platforms can attract high-quality content and provide creators with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive digital marketplace.

A Practical Approach of Integrating Capture API

For product managers and developers of music and video platforms looking to apply provenance solutions to their product, a complete use-case of Capture API integration has been made previously in our partnership with A.V. Mapping.

The solution covers all from registration of assets, embedding metadata into the tracks, C2PA standard labeling, up to the verification of authenticity. This is especially important for video platforms combating the spread of deepfakes and manipulated content. Platforms can use the Capture API to ensure that only verified content is published, maintaining their credibility and trustworthiness. 

In addition to C2PA, Capture also adheres to the IPTC standard that ensures every content is easily searchable, shareable, and verifiable across different platforms and systems. Integrating IPTC standards with C2PA API enhances content authentication and verification processes, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining content integrity and ownership.

Seizing the Competitive Edge, Embrace Creativity with Capture

By adopting C2PA standards early as pioneers in content authenticity, music and video platforms can differentiate themselves from their competitors, attracting more users and high-quality content creators. Not only will this enhance the platform reputation, a safe space for content creators to create and contribute will be made, resulting in a flourishing, reliable, and sustainable creativity ecosystem.

Capture empowers developers to secure and authenticate digital assets, creating a creative environment where content ownership is protected. By utilizing the Capture API and C2PA SDK, you can ensure that your creative works are properly registered, authenticated, and verified. Additionally, incorporating IPTC metadata standards further enhances the reliability of content verification and authentication processes, providing an additional layer of trust and transparency.

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