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Take True Photo with C2PA Watermark from Mobile Phones

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Take True Photo with C2PA Watermark from Mobile Phones

This is the third installment of our Tech article series. The goal of this multipart series is to discuss provenance at a high level and provide more technically inclined readers a full dive into how to execute digital provenance. You can find the full list of this series here :

Part 1: What is Provenance and why we need it

Part 2: What is C2PA, Add C2PA easily with Capture

Part 3: You are here

Take “True Photo” with C2PA Watermark from mobile phones

Just like how vehicles require roads to run properly, the fight for authenticity needs proper infrastructure! In the previous article, we talked about C2PA and Capture. Now, before we continue, it's important to note that Capture is not only limited to a blockchain camera; it’s actually a set of tools!

Capture consists of :

1. Capture Dashboard - A decentralized storage facility for managing all your authenticated digital media in one location.

2. Capture SDK - Seamlessly integrate blockchain capabilities into your applications, a developer’s best friend.

3. Capture Cam - A mobile application designed to authenticate, register, and convert your photos and videos into traceable digital assets with just one click.

4. Capture Eye - An easy-to-integrate authentication tool for your site.

Let’s go through how to take “True Photo” with Capture Cam, the ultimate C2PA app!

Capture Cam

Available on both Android and iOS, Capture Cam allows you to take blockchain photos and videos, and register them into the blockchain with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Upon logging in, you’ll immediately see your Capture Gallery, if this is your first time using Capture, it may appear blank.

Click on the ‘Capture Icon’ in the middle to start taking a “C2PA Photo” with your C2PA camera.

Once your photo is taken, you can choose to download the “C2PA Photo” of this Capture by first clicking on the ‘share’ icon and pick ‘Download C2PA’.

Now the photo you just captured will have a C2PA Watermark labeled on it, you can then verify it by visiting for the full C2PA capability.

For photos taken already before using Capture Cam

Got some great photos you have taken already previously before knowing Capture Cam? You can also label it with a C2PA watermark with ease! Simply head over to the Capture Dashboard and use the C2PA upload feature to upload your photos there.

Once uploaded, you can opt to download a copy of it with C2PA credential with just a click.

What if the C2PA watermark is removed / lost?

In our previous article we mentioned that C2PA watermark is not a permanent solution, and could still be removed by malicious actors. Luckily, by using Capture, your content is still safe and verifiable even when the C2PA watermark is removed!

For any asset you took / uploaded with Capture, you can use our special verify site. Just paste the NID of your asset there and you’d be able to find it. Our verify engine is also powered by an AI engine for reverse image search! We will go into more detail about this in a future article so stay tuned.

Embrace Creativity with Capture

Capture empowers you to protect your creation by ensuring the authenticity and provenance of your photos and videos. Whether you're a professional photographer, a content creator, or just someone who loves capturing moments, using Capture Cam and its suite of tools, you can secure and showcase your creative work with confidence. 

If you find the topic of digital provenance interesting or found this article helpful consider checking out previous installments or our next article: Add C2PA easily with Capture API.

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