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Unlocking the Digital Media Provenance: Introducing Capture Upload with Numbers Protocol

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Unlocking the Digital Media Provenance: Introducing Capture Upload with Numbers Protocol

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Even as photos, videos and creative content flood our screens daily, the growing impact of generative AI has made it a challenge to tell the difference between human and AI generated content. With this growing dilemma, Numbers Protocol is excited to announce Capture Upload, a groundbreaking development set to revolutionize the way we interact and protect our cherished media files. We believe this tool will revolutionize online creativity protection through blockchain provenance.

What lies behind the upload?

With Capture Upload we are seamlessly integrating blockchain records into the fabric of all types of digital media, a transformative shift is poised to take place especially in the midst of a generative AI renaissance. Gone are the days of uncertainty surrounding the origin, authenticity, and ownership of our visual treasures. With Capture Upload, users will experience a paradigm shift, leveraging the power of decentralized ledger technology to establish an unalterable record of their media files and ensure their true value remains intact.

On the surface, Capture Upload may sound simple: users can upload media just as they normally would, but there is much more happening than the mere act of uploading. By initially introducing Capture Upload in Capture App, we are fulfilling a long-awaited request for this feature. Established creators will now have the opportunity to migrate their existing creations onto the Numbers Network, expanding the reach and potential of their work. 

To further enhance the user experience, we are introducing Capture Badge. Capture Badge is an innovative feature designed to help users quickly identify the key properties of digital assets. It provides a visual indicator that displays important information about a media file at a glance. Only the Capture photos created via Capture App have the blue Capture Badge to represent its integrity of the provenance and trustworthiness. The other badges to show the verification of uploaded content will come soon.

What is Capture Badge? Read more: <Introducing Capture Badge and Licensing: Improving NFT Authenticity and Digital Media Rights>

Capture Upload is not just another cloud uploading tool. It leverages blockchain technology to create metadata on the blockchain, ensuring verifiable provenance by associating it with the creator's wallet. This assures the provenance of digital content and opens up the opportunity for future monetization. This process is called “assetization” and more details can be found here.

Also working behind the scenes to support Capture Upload is nit, a powerful open source digital asset management system that leverages blockchain technologies to provide trustworthiness and traceability to digital media. Operating in a manner similar to the widely used source code version control system Git, Nit generates nit commits whenever an asset is updated or registered via native tools or upload. This commit contains an AssetTree file that is pinned to IPFS and recorded on Numbers Blockchain containing essential information such as creator details, timestamp, location, license, AI-related information, and more.

Standing on its own merit

The rollout of Capture Upload comes at a time where unaddressed digital media issues are further exacerbated with the increased prevalence of generative AI. Even without generative AI in the picture, digital media on the web is scrutinized heavily due to out of context use, and digital asset theft. They sit idly on the sidelines while parties with varying interests debate in vain its validity and trustworthiness. These issues are addressed head-on with nit’s introduction and with the expansion into media uploads via Capture Upload, we hope to serve ALL digital media. 

Numbers is committed to providing products and services that help users ensure the provenance of digital media and gain a comprehensive understanding especially in the face of industry disrupting generative AI technology.  We recognize the critical nature of our mission, as trust forms the foundation of society, and provenance plays a vital role in achieving that trust. We are excited about our upcoming releases and look forward to sharing this excitement with you.

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