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2023 RECAP of Numbers Protocol: Innovations, Growth, and Milestones

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2023 RECAP of Numbers Protocol: Innovations, Growth, and Milestones

As 2023 winds down, we at Numbers Protocol take a moment to look back at a year that has been nothing short of extraordinary. From groundbreaking achievements to global recognition, this year has been a pivotal moment in our journey.

2023 Highlight: A Year of Global Recognition and Exposure

Making Waves at SXSW 2023

This year kicked off with a bang as we clinched a win at the prestigious 2023 SXSW in the Metaverse and Web3 category. This accolade not only puts us on the map in these burgeoning fields but also underlines our commitment to innovation.

Times Square Takeover

Our bold marketing move to feature on the digital billboards of Times Square was a dream realized. It wasn’t just about getting our name out there; it was about making a statement in the blockchain and digital media space.

Co-host AI Event in London

Our standout event of the year was at King’s College London, titled ‘Protecting Creativity in the Age of AI’. This gathering of minds from the creative, tech, and regulatory sectors underscored our influence in these fields.

In the Limelight with Major News Outlets

Getting featured by Reuters and Forbes was a cherry on top, highlighting our collaborations with giants like Canon, Starling Lab, Farfetch, and LVMH. These features echo our mission to bring blockchain technology into luxury branding and asset management.

Enrich Ecosystem: Key Collaborations and Numbers Innovation Program

AI Ecosystem Advancement with Instill AI

Embracing the rise of generative AI, our collaboration with Instill AI has been pivotal. We’re merging the robustness of Numbers blockchain with the adaptability of AI, venturing into new realms of technological possibilities.

Joining Forces with NVIDIA

Being part of NVIDIA’s Inception Program aligns us with global leaders in AI and deep learning, marking a significant step in our technological journey.

Think Tank Alliance with The Alan Turing Institute

Joining The Alan Turing Institute of AI & Arts has enhanced our R&D efforts, reaffirming our dedication to ethical technological advancement.

Media and News Impact

Our project with Rolling Stone, which earned an Emmy nomination, underscores our commitment to technological innovation with a social conscience. Collaborations with Matter Labs and recognition by Reuters have further amplified our influence in the news media landscape.

Music and Arts Collaborations

Partnerships with ACOY, Music Battles, MILC, and SONA, along with featured creators Kira Bursky, Koen Van Damme, Autumn Rowe, and Santiago B Villafania joining our platform, have enriched it with diverse digital music and arts content, emphasizing our role in supporting creative expressions.

The Numbers Innovation Program

Technology evolves at an unprecedented pace. As fellow builders, Numbers understands the challenges developers face in securing funds. The Numbers Innovation Program was launched earlier this year with a clear aim: to empower the brightest minds in blockchain and digital asset management. By actively investing in the future of technology, we hope to nurture groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to redefine our digital landscape.

Product Innovations and Technological Advancements

Capture’s New Frontier

Our product suite witnessed a major upgrade with the latest update of Capture on Product Hunt. Covering Capture Cam, Dashboard, and Eye, this development has been pivotal in enhancing our service offerings.

Enhanced Transparency and Trust

With the introduction of a new mainnet explorer page, service status page, and updates to our Whitepaper & Tokenomics, we’ve taken significant steps in building user trust and platform transparency.

User Engagement and Growth

Our platform’s performance this year has been impressive, with Capture Cam downloads crossing 1.5 million and daily API requests reaching over 400K. The total number of assets registered on our platform soared to over 86 million, a testament to our growing influence and user base.

Pioneering Blockchain Standards

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” — Albert Pike

We’ve been at the forefront of blockchain innovation, evidenced by our submission of two innovative ERC standards — ERC-7053 and ERC-7517. These standards are set to revolutionize digital media indexing and content consent in AI/ML data mining.

$NUM Token & DAO: Expanding Reach and Engaging the Community

2023 has been a landmark year for our $NUM token and DAO, marking significant strides in expanding our market presence and engaging with our community.

Noteworthy Listings and Integrations

The listing of our $NUM token on renowned exchanges like and Blunded, coupled with new mainnet integration by, has significantly broadened our market presence and accessibility.

Community Engagement and New Initiatives

We owe a huge thanks to our community for their feedback, which has been instrumental in implementing new strategies. A new burn mechanism has been introduced, ensuring a consistent burning of at least 6M $NUM every quarter, enhancing token stability and value.

Impressive Statistics of Growth and Engagement
  • A total of 20M $NUM tokens have been burned to date, reflecting our proactive approach to token management.
  • Over 12M $NUM tokens are currently staked in our pools, showcasing robust community participation and trust.
  • We’ve successfully held three productive DAO meetings (3rd, 4th, and 5th), fostering community involvement in key decisions.
  • Since its launch, the Numbers Mainnet has processed over 360K transactions, averaging more than 100 transactions daily.
  • The creation of over 6,000 wallet addresses on the Numbers Blockchain signifies growing user adoption and network expansion.

These milestones not only highlight the growing strength and stability of our $NUM token but also demonstrate our commitment to community engagement and transparent governance.

Looking Ahead

As we gear up for 2024, we’re fueled by the accomplishments of the past year and the endless possibilities ahead. With our community’s support, we’re excited to continue pioneering in the blockchain space, reshaping the digital asset landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to an even more groundbreaking 2024!

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